Ing. Josef Hora ing. Jiří Hora, MBA Ing. Patr Dostál, MBA
- partner - director of Bilina   office
- auditor, registration no. 049
- liquidator and bankruptcy   trustee
- graduate of University of   Agriculture - Faculty of   Economy

- partner
- auditor, registration no.   1419
- tax adviser, registration no.   2174
- graduate of Czech   Technical   University -   Faculty of   Electrotechnics,     specialisation in   Economics   and Management,
- graduate of MBA
- A stay of study at Saint   Mary's   University, Halifax,   Canada (specialisation in   International   Marketing,   English language)

- partner - director of Prague   office
- auditor, registration no.   1361
- liquidator and bankruptcy   trustee
  (for instance in case of ČKD   Dopravní systémy a.s.)
- graduate of University of   Agriculture, Faculty of   Economy
- graduate of MBA